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In order to begin a career on board of a  cruise ship, each candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • – at last 21 years old in case of ocean cruises
  • – at least 18 years old in case of river cruises
  • – valid passport
  • – at least one year’s experience relevant to the position
  • – good manners
  • – knowledge of English

Information about working on passenger ships:

  • –duration of the contract varies depending on the position and the ship’s owner – usually the contract lasts 6 – 9 months with the possibility of extension
  • – with the end of each contract, every employee is entitled to a 6 to 9 weeks vacation
  • – number of working hours:  up to 70h a week


  • – depends on the position

Insurance and medical care

  • – The ship-owner  provides medical care and life insurance during the contract period (except dental and ophthalmic services).

Accommodation and catering:

  • – guaranteed by the company
  • – cabins for 2-4 people


Required documents:

Each candidate, after submitting the application, is preliminary interviewed. The interview  is conducted by phone or takes place at Astral Limited. Candidates are requested to provide the following documents:

  • – Curriculum Vitae written in English
  • – Criminal Record Check
  • – Recommendations/opinions written in English
  • – Diplomas, Certificates of graduation from school/universities, course completion certificates translated into English
  • – Copy of valid passport


If you have the needed qualifications and meet the professional requirements, we invite you to contact us * link to apply online. Selected candidates will receive all necessary information about the company, position, contract dates, remuneration and expenses. The final selection will be conducted by managers representing the company during the recruitment interview.

Astral Limited will help caldidates to present themselves in the best possible way and provide them with information about the date, time and place where the final stage of the recruitment will be.

  • – All candidates participating in the recruitment are required to wear official outfit.
  • – Women: Should have neatly combed hair or tied into a pony tail, no big earrings in the ears and nose, one ring is allowed, and it is recommended to wear a white shirt and black trousers, jeans and sports shoes are not allowed;
  • – Men: they should be short-haired, shaved, no earrings, visible tattoos, and it is recommended to wear a suit and tie, jeans and sports shoes are not allowed.

The list of accepted candidates and the posts assigned to them is announced within a few days after the end of the recruitment interview.


After the positive result of the recruitment interview, the candidate waits for the date of entry onto the ship. This date is confirmed by the original letter of employment sent to each candidate. The letter necessary to begin procedures for receiving an American visa.

Waiting time for employment varies from 1 to 6 months, depending on the current needs of the ship owner for the position and the administrative capabilities.

Information in the letter of employment is:

  • – candidate’s crew number
  • – assigned position
  • – the date of entering the ship and the date of the letter expiry
  • – port of entry onto the ship

After receiving the letter, Astral Limited will provide the candidate with detailed information regarding procedures for obtaining a US visa (C1 / D visa) and instructions as for the documents that must  be taken on the ship.

The documents motioned above are:

Medical Questionnaire

  • Astral Limited will provide accurate information about laboratory tests and tests to be taken prior to the departure. The company will also provide the address and telephone number to the doctor who has been properly trained by the ship owner who will complete the required Medical Questionnaire on the basis of the results submitted. Very good health is a essential for working aboard, so bad test results will disqualify the candidate no matter how far the recruitment process goes.

Plane Ticket

  • If necessary, Astral Limited will help you with booking and purchasing of plane tickets to any airport worldwide. In this way, you can be sure that you will arrive at the right place and at the right time, which will allow you to reach the port and enter the ship.

STCW 95, Maritime Courses and Trainings

  • Astral Limited will provide you with detailed information about the time and the place of training. Depending on the requirements of the ship-owner you may also need to create a sailing book.

Hotel accommodation and information about the agent

  • Depending on your needs Astral Limited will provide you with detailed information about the hotel or agent. If the port is located in Europe the agent will take you from the airport and then directly to the ship. If you need to fly to a place outside of Europe, the company will reserve a hotel room. On the next day at the appointed time, the company’s agent take will  the candidate from the hotel directly to the ship.

American Visa

  • Astral Limited will help you to prepare all the necessary documents needed to obtain the American Visa. In practice, this comes down to a single visit to the US Consulate at a date announced by our staff. The visa will be sent to you by a courier company.
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