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SPA Sector

SPA Sector

Beautician / Masseur

Beautician prepares therapy and performs face massages. Masseur prepares a full body massage sessions. Working on both these positions, they are also responsible for the proper promotion and sales of all products associated with these activities. At least one year of experience in a similar position and excellent knowledge of English is required.

Fitness and Aerobic Instructor

F&A instructor  is responsible for preparing and conducting activities and exercises related to aerobic and fitness, and personal training sessions. Additional duty is to supervise the proper functioning of the gym, advice on the proper selection and intensity of exercise as well as organizing gymnastic exercises. Fluency in English is required and  at least one year experience in a similar position. Candidate must also provide us with Personal Trainer Certificate.

Hairdresser (Stylist)

They are responsible for a haircutting, hair modeling and selling  all products related to the modeling and hair-care. In this position we require professional barber / hair stylist qualifications for working with both, women and men clients. Candidates should have professional training and experience in this position. Fluency in English is necessary.


Manicurist’s main responsibility is performing nail treatments like manicure, pedicure and all selling products directly related to the profession. It is required that  candidates for this position must have theoretical training for the profession,  at least a one year of experience and fluency in English.

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