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Medical Sector

Doctor The ship’s Doctor reports to the Sr. Doctor and both are each crewmember’s primary care physician. She/he is also responsible for the health care given to each guest who attends the Medical Center for medical issues. The Physicians are…

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Photographer Photographer is responsible for taking pictures of the guests during boarding, dinner parties, captain's balls, harbor tours, special events, etc. In addition, he assists during photoprocessing and displays pictures for sale. His duties also include: controling of the stock…

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SPA Sector

Beautician / Masseur Beautician prepares therapy and performs face massages. Masseur prepares a full body massage sessions. Working on both these positions, they are also responsible for the proper promotion and sales of all products associated with these activities. At…

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Administrative sector

Chief Receptionist Chief Receptionist  is responsible for the control and supervision of all employees and activities related to, administration and direct service of passengers on board. Candidates should have at least five years of experience on a cruise ship in…

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Cleaning Sector

The Main Caretaker (Housekeeper) The Main Care Taker supervises all activities of the entire tidying and cleaning sector. He sets the schedule and hours of work for Chief Housekeeper Assistant, Cabin Attendants, Cabin Attendants Assistant and Hotel Stewards. He is…

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Catering Sector

Chef de Partie(Chef) He supervises and coordinates all activities in the kitchen or at the food delivery station. Experience and certified knowledge of cuisines of the world or Chef's Certificate is essential in applying for this position. At least four…

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Bar Sector

Bar Manager Bar Manager supervises all activities in the bar sector. The person employed in this position must have the ability to lead, coordinate and allocate responsibilities to the assistants. He is responsible for training new employees, planning, assigning tasks…

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Restaurant Sector

Maitre D’ (Restaurant Manager) He is responsible for day-to-day coordination of restaurant operations. The scope of his responsibilities includes training new employees and controlling quality of service to ensure its highest standards. Restaurant Manager also arranges work schedules for the…

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